Welcome to my personal space...

I’m glad you’re here! This is where I share more about me and insights into my experiences with the hope that it may help you enhance your personal growth.


From what I’ve come to understand, there are two situations in life when a person decides to make change. One – through a life changing medical diagnosis or traumatic accident or two – an awareness of the fact that something needs to change.


For me, my turning point was a very sudden divorce back in 2001. It was indeed a life changing time and a point where I pretty much had to grow up. I straight away turned to running half marathons which ultimately meant I was running away from the emotions of a divorce. Let’s just say it didn’t take long for my body to scream at me that it was time to deal with buried emotions.


It’s been a journey ever since. From reading books, books and more books, to becoming a life coach and undertaking course after course. I always trusted my instincts as to what I was drawn to in any moment in time. Where I’ve reached now, is completely different to where I would have been 10 years ago.


Here’s what I currently engage in for my continued personal growth.

Donny Epstein, Network Spinal Analysis (NSA)

I was introduced to Donny’s work back in 2018 when I was facilitating workshops for women. It’s when I started to learn about energy hence the name of my site – My Energetic Self.


I came to understand that how we use energy (which is all around us) can deeply influence our growth. NSA is when a trained practitioner provides very light touches to the spine that results in spontaneous movement that helps release tension in the central nervous system (where we store emotion). It’s an odd thing to observe the body move as a result of such a gentle touch and I’d go as far as saying, one needs to approach it with a very open mind!


My husband and daughter also have NSA. In fact, we have a running joke that our sessions are like going to a psychologist minus the talking! It has the power to affect how we are in the world!

Dr Joe Dispenza

I’m addicted to the work of Dr Joe Dispenza. I started reading his books back in 2021 followed by undertaking his Progressive and Intensive Online Courses. I was then incredibly fortunate to secure a ticket to his 7 day week long retreat on the Sunshine Coast, Australia in March 2023. There were 1,000 tickets that sold in 10 minutes!


For me, his work goes hand-in-hand with Donny Epstein as Dr Joe’s work is also energy based. Dr Joe presents his work in a much more scientific way. I’m sure he’s so intent on the science to prove his work is not pseudoscience. It’s one of the reasons why I’m drawn to him.



I was one of those people who would constantly claim that I couldn’t meditate, I just wasn’t good at it! It wasn’t for the want of trying either.


Back in 2001, I did an 8 week meditation course at a Buddhist Centre in Melbourne. But really, it was just an excuse to catch up with a friend once week. I gave it another go in 2004, this time, a 12 week course together with my husband. Mmm, still not there yet. Then in 2015, I gave it another go and did 3 x one-on-one sessions with a Transcendental Meditation practitioner. I was getting better!


Fast forward to 2022 when I attempted again with Dr Joe’s guided meditations but it was the 7 day workshop in 2023 when I really started nailing it! Finally!! However. I’ll be honest, I still don’t call myself a daily meditator. I go through moments of doing it daily then not doing it daily. Yet here’s the thing. I refuse to be hard myself, it is what it is. The thing is, I much more aligned in life when I meditate daily. So go figure…