About Me

A little about me...

For two decades I was defined by and consumed with my corporate career yet helping others had always been a natural part of who I am, right from a young child. Maybe it was the learnings that came with being number 6 of 7 children!


I did my first life coaching course way back in 2003 but the timing wasn’t quite right to switch careers so I continued along my corporate path learning skills that serve me well today and that I’m very grateful for.


I had itchy feet for the last 5 years of my corporate career often knowing there had to be something more for me in life but never quite being able to figure it out. Fast-forward to December 2013 when a speaker at a work conference said this ‘if you’re not passionate about what you do, people will see straight through you’. It was that very moment that I made my decision to resign.


I had no plan, no answer to ‘what next’ only trusting that I’d find my way.


It was when I followed a path to helping women identify and own their strengths, their talents and what they love to do. As a life coach, I guided women to understand what’s holding them back and gave them tools to manage the changes needed to improve their lives for the better.

What followed after my sudden departure...


Well first of all, I was completely lost. I recall cleaning the kitchen multiple times a day and obsessing with baking Honey Joys! After a few months, I launched myself into a intensive 5-day course to become a Certified Workplace Trainer only to find that training people who were not invested in improving themselves was not going to be my thing. I wanted to help people who were committed to helping themselves!


Although I did a one year coaching course back in 2003, I decided to refresh my skills by way of another one year course. Plus, I knew that if I genuinely wanted to help others I needed to work on myself. The whole me – emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually so I did just that through courses and books!


The journey continues to this very day!

Self improvement challenges

A Summary of What I did...

Life Coaching Course - 2003

I completed this one year course in Melbourne, Australia. It was based on the theories of somatic psychotherapy. It was the biggest eye opener for me learning about the mind and body connection. As well as being a course to come out as a Life Coach, it was also what helped me understand the intense back pain I suffered from. Little did I know the power of our bodies giving us signs that enough is enough! Although this was an incredible course, the timing to transition to coaching wasn’t right so I continued working in the corporate world until February, 2014.

Australian Institute of Management (NSW) - Cert 4 Training and Assessment - 2014

When deciding what to do in life, someone once said to me – listen to what people tell you you’d be good at. So people would say to me that I’d make a great workplace trainer. Off I went into this intensive 5-day course. Was it what I wanted in the end? No! But I had learnt some very good skills that still help to this very day!

Beautiful You Life Coaching Course - 2015

This was truly a beautiful community. The theory and practical work enabled me to hone my skills as a life coach and at the same time, experience dramatic steps forward in my own personal growth. Julie Parker would have to be one of THE most nurturing and special souls that walks this earth. Her coach training is very heart centred and her Academy attracts this type of coach. I could not have been prouder to complete this course and utilise my skills to support women who were just like me in my corporate days.

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) - Dr Russ Harris - 2017

One of many learnings I had taken out of this course is this – in most situations in life do one of two things – 1. we choose to do things that take us away from what we truly want in life e.g. drinking, overeating, smoking etc OR 2. we choose to do things that move us closer to what we truly want in life. ACT is a type of therapy that gets people to focus on what they truly want out of life whilst accepting the challenges that come with it. 

Neuroscience for Coaches - Dr Sarah McKay - 2018

I’ve had a fixation with neuroscience and when I came across this course I jumped at the opportunity. Dr Sarah McKay is a Sydney, Australia based Oxford University-educated neuroscientist, TV presenter and author. It was a 12 week step-by-step program on how to apply neuroscience-based strategies to transform the lives of clients, patients or students. Specifically focusing brain plasticity, emotion, attention, habits, resilience, and motivation. Loved this course!